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Artist Statement

My work is an investigation of the fragility of memory.  I am intrigued by how memory morphs from persistent vividness to fleeting passages to total loss.  Memory has no physicality: we cannot hold it in our hands yet we carry it with us.  It has no weight yet can weigh us down.  


We may bury a recollection deep inside until a scent or voice or place conjures its power to rise.  Memory changes with each recall becoming altered narratives.  Through paint, graphite, ink, crayon and cold wax medium I explore its power and mysterious fragility. 


My process starts with disorder eventually finding order.  I scribble graffiti-like marks as if journaling in symbols.  These drawings are followed by layering, building and then scraping and sanding the surface to reveal moments, strange journeys of the mark and the history of work.  It is storytelling, sensitive yet raw.   




I use my camera to observe the world around me.  It is a tool to examine a way of seeing.  Over the years I have taken photographs as a daily response to my surroundings and as a diary entry of my visual journey.  These record my curiosity and quirky view of seeking the hidden gems in everyday life.  I use the imagery for the exploration of ideas and as inspiration for my paintings. They are my access to memory. 

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