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Fall Workshops 2019

My teaching first happened by chance in 2012 and since then my teaching has evolved organically while simultaneously inspiring my own art practice.  I continue to teach at art organizations, private clubs and one-on-one including: Rockport Art Association, Rockport, MA; Mother Brook Arts, Dedham, MA, New Art Center, Newton, MA; North Hill PurposeFull Living, Dedham, MA; Chilton Club, Boston, MA; NewBridge on the Charles, Dedham, MA; Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA and Concord Art, Concord, MA.  Whether working with one student or a group, teaching is a reciprocal process: my students energize me with their passion to grow as artists.  I love supporting artists of any age on their creative journey. 

Power Painting (and Dynamic Color)

Concord Art

5 - day workshop

July 22 - 26, 2019

10 AM - 4 PM

In this multi-level workshop, we will use the landscape as a point of departure and explore personal expression. Through close observation and in-depth observation of form and structure, your skills will be enhanced leading to unity and enlivened content.  By traveling beyond what is seen we will realize the landscape’s poetry by rendering it into an authentic and visual response.  We will examine design elements (shape, color, line, etc.) and refine by considering design principles (i.e. dominance, rhythm, repetition, etc.)  The study of master works, demos and exercises will provide crucial exercises in artistic growth requiring you to push outside your comfort zone.  One-on-one critiques and feedback will be ongoing and a group critique will be held midweek and on the last day.  


Alchemy of Color Part I

Concord Art

6 week course

Tuesdays 9/24 - 10/29, 2019

10 AM - 1 PM

“The artist's alertness to the coloristic demands of each picture, the ability to respond to the picture's needs, to feed the color until its appetite is satiated; these are the true measures of a colorist's talent,” says Wolf Kahn.  


In these classes we will study the language of color and each pigment’s personality to build a personal palette. Enhance your color knowledge through exercises, demos and by examining past and contemporary artists’ oeuvre. Gain knowledge in the mysteries and properties of color from understanding the psychology, perception and energy of colors for creating dynamic, expressive and meaningful paintings. All media. 


Cold Wax Medium w/ Oils Workshop

Concord Art

3 - day workshop

October 25 - 27, 2019

10 AM – 4 PM


This introductory workshop is for artists with prior experience in painting but new to  cold wax medium (CWM) with oil paint.  We will cover the basic materials, variety of tools, surfaces, safety and techniques.  Through demos and exercises create small studies with CWM and oils and experiment with layering, texture and mark-making.  By focusing on color’s value, temperature and saturation learn to mix colorful palettes, rich greys and glazes.  With presentations on design and individual attention, each student is encouraged to experiment and take risks throughout the creative process while enhancing composition and personal voice.


Feed Your Creative Soul

Cambridge Art

1 - day workshop

Thursday 11/14, 2019

10 AM - 4 PM

Feeling stuck, unmotivated, discouraged about your art practice or lack thereof?  Time to feed your creative soul.  Time to create.  When we engage in a creative process we are writing a language that brings a renewed excitement and understanding to our thoughts, emotions and our artistic journey. 


As in the Embrace the Sketchbook workshop, Martha will lead you through a series of processes and techniques that help you to become inspired. In this 6-hour workshop artists may learn skills to overcome artistic blocks by engaging in serious play through exercises and collaborations.  Enjoying the process of creating is the goal of this workshop.  What it is not is making a precious finished piece. Artists will discover fresh ideas to pursue in their studio practice and ways to feed their creative soul.